Daily Roundup 08/27/13

The Mets traded Marlon Byrd today. This isn’t really that unpredictable except that…
– It was Marlon Byrd t-shirt night.
— Jon Niese hit a three-run double.
—- Via @adamrubinespn, Niese is the first Mets’ pitcher with a three-RBI game since Al Leiter in 1999.

Predictable: A Yankee got hurt.
- Less predictable: It was Robinson Canó.
– Even less predictable: his backup, Eduardo Nuñez also got hurt.
— Where we come in: this meant that in the ninth inning of tonight’s game, Mark Reynolds was playing second base for the Yankees.
—- By the way, Alfonso Soriano is now tied for the team lead for home runs from a right-handed batter, with 11. He joined the team on July 26th.

Justin Verlander needed 44 pitches to get out of the first inning.

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  1. TBone says:

    In the San Diego-Arizona game, 8 different Padres played two different positions over the course of the game. Four players switched positions at least twice, including Jesus Guzman and Jedd Gyorko who went back and forth between second and third several times.

    • Johnetta says:

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