Daily Roundup 08/30/13

Chase Utley hit a triple that went all the way to the ivy at Wrigley, so when the Cubs tried to field it, another ball popped out.
- Perhaps, considering we’re talking about the Cubs, the unpredictable thing is that the fielder picked up the right baseball.

Jose Fernandez tripled off of Julio Teheran.
- Later in that game, he intentionally walked Dan Uggla (.185)…
– To get to B.J. Upton (.184)

Don Kelly was intentionally walked in the third inning.
- The Tigers are playing the Indians, not an N.L. team where an IBB would be explainable if it was to get to the pitcher.
– Bruce Rondon got a save. He pitched a third of an inning in the seventh and the Tigers won by five.

Francisco Liriano walked twice tonight at the plate.
- This is a good reminder of why that is especially unpredictable (NSFW language).

Yu Darvish took a no-hitter against the Twins into the seventh inning, and then went from that to being on the losing side of the game in the space of three batters.
- Via @espnstatsinfo, the three hitters this year to break up Darvish’s no-hit bits of six innings or more are Marwin Gonzalez, Carlos Corporan, and Chris Herrmann.
– Also you will probably want to watch this .gif from @lonestarball of Darvish’s 61 mph curveball (no, that’s not a typo).

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