Daily Roundup 09/08/13

Mariano Rivera blew a save, giving him seven on the season.
- He did, however, win today’s game, which gives him five wins on the season.
– The five wins are more than Phil Hughes has this year (four).
— Phil Hughes was, until a couple of days ago, the Yankees’ fifth starter.
—- The Yankees won on a walk-off wild pitch.
—– It’s the first time they’ve done that since 1977 (via @espnstatsinfo).
—— It’s the first time that the Yankees have done so against the Red Sox since at least 1916.
——- Today was the first game this month at Yankee Stadium (the Yankees have been home the whole month) that a team did not score at least four runs in an inning.

Clayton Kershaw walked Homer Bailey. Bailey then advanced on a balk.
- He also gave up two home runs to Jay Bruce.
– Bruce is a lefty. Prior to tonight, Kershaw hadn’t given up a home run to a left-handed batter all season. Only Carlos Gonzalez and Adam Dunn have hit two homers off of Kershaw in a game as a left-handed batter (via @espnstatsinfo).

Stephen Strasburg balked in two runs today.
- In the same inning.
– Bob Davidson was not on the umpiring crew.

The Phillies swept the Braves.

Brett Anderson had a save…
- The A’s won by five.
– The A’s scored seven runs in their third inning; the Raiders scored three points in their third quarter.

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