Daily Roundup, 09/28/13

In his last major league start ever, Andy Pettitte threw a complete game.
- This was his first complete game since 2006 -
– and his first with the Yankees since 2002.
— Via Elias, Andy went 169 starts between complete games, the fourth-longest stretch in MLB history.
—- Pettitte is also the first pitcher with 500+ starts in over 80 years to end his career with a complete game. The last was Eppa Rixley.
—– This was also Pettitte’s ninth straight quality start – his longest streak ever with the Yankees.

In non-Andy Pettitte news, the Yankees’ winning run scored on this play. (h/t @mikeaxisa)
- Yes, that’s the catcher spiking the ball into the dirt.
– Also, Pettitte’s win came against a guy named Clemens.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 09/28/13

  1. Doug Kern says:

    Winning tonight evens his record at 11-11. He’s the only pitcher ever to last 15+ years without once having a losing season.

  2. Mike says:

    On a night when Anibal Sanchez became the third Tigers pitcher to throw 200 Ks this season AND helped the Tigers break the single season MLB team strikeout record, the Tigers lost.
    -To the Marlins.
    -2-1, in extra innings, after walking the bases loaded in consecutive innings.
    -The Tigers also lost another low scoring one run game (3-2) last night, so they face a possible sweep tomorrow. By the Marlins.

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