Daily Roundup, 6/30/10 (We’re at July already?!)

Some games in progress, yadda.

–The Orioles have come back from 3+ run deficits in each of their last five wins; 18 of their 24 wins are comeback wins.

–The Marlins’ line tonight so far: 5 R, 15 H, 4 E (thanks @stevensmithy )

–Via @msimonespn: There were 79 3-homer games in between Rafael Furcal’s 3-triple game and DerSnard Span’s 3-triple game.

Proof that W/L is stupid
–Roy Halladay, he of the complete game with no walks and 10 strikeouts took the loss. He’s now 9-7.

–Zack Greinke gave up six runs, and got the win.

–One third of all Pirates wins this year have come against the Chicago Cubs.

–The Padres scored thirteen runs and had just one extra-base hit all game (it was a double).

–The Arizona bullpen had Albert Pujols up with the bases loaded…and they won the matchup. (They also didn’t surrender a run in the four innings they pitched)

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