AL Wild Card Game, 10/02/13

The Indians got shut out despite nine hits.
- That only happened four times in the regular season
– Nick Swisher now has a career .165 average in 158 postseason at-bats.
— Delmon Young has nine homers in the last three postseasons, the most in MLB.
—- Perhaps in that context this is not so unpredictable, but he was intentionally walked tonight.
—– Jose Molina tried to steal a base.
—— The Rays scored their fourth run when back to back balls clanged off infielders’ gloves.

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  1. Delzethin says:

    After 162 games, the Rays finished 40-41 on the road, tied with Atlanta for the worst record among playoff teams. So naturally, they won Game 163 on the road, then won the wild card game on the road.

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