Daily Roundup: 07/01/10

- The Padres’ ridiculously untouchable relief pitcher Luke Gregerson, with his 0.9 BB/9 so far in 2010, just walked two guys in an inning. What makes this even crazier? He was facing the Astros.

- The Mariners’ manager actually brought in his closer in a tie game in the eighth inning on the road to face the middle of the order!!! Of course, it didn’t work, which means no manager will ever try to do that again. Sigh.

- Speaking of the Mariners/Yankees game, within eight minutes of the first pitch of today’s game, the Yankees had as many hits as they had in the entirety of the game the night before.

- Mariano Rivera has given up twelve hits all year. Five of them came in a five-day span, so over the other two months and four weeks more or less, he’s given up seven total hits. (Thanks to @mikeaxisa on Twitter)

- Going back to last year, the Reds have won nine extra inning road games in a row.

- The Blue Jays were swept by the Indians for the first time in a four-game series since 1995.

- With tonight’s walk-off loss in Washington, the Mets have lost ten games via other teams’ walk-offs. Can’t lose at home, can’t win on the road. They’ve also allowed eight grand slams this season, and only one other team in baseball history – the 2008 Indians – had allowed that many grand slams that early in a season.

- The Oakland As scored eight runs, and all eight runs were driven in by the bottom five players in their batting order.

- Miguel Olivo has five triples already. That’s the most for a catcher since 2005. Speaking of Miguel Olivo, here’s his career line: .247/.285/.432/.717, 86 OPS+.
Here’s his 2010 line: .308/.368/.540/.909, 133 OPS+. I know he plays in Coors now but… whoah.

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One Response to Daily Roundup: 07/01/10

  1. Jose the Satirist says:

    Olivo is walking at two times his career rate this year. His ISO is actually down from last year even with the move to Coors.

    I didn’t realize Olivo had a little speed. 5 triples already, wow. He had 5 triples last year too. He has more triples than Brett Gardner this year. YCPB!

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