Daily Roundup 10/12/13

Michael Wacha threw 112 pitches. Clayton Kershaw threw 72.
- Kershaw lost.
– Via @espnstatsinfo, Kershaw is the first starting pitcher in postseason history to lose a game while allowing no earned runs and two or fewer hits.

Anibal Sanchez’s pitching line: 6 0 0 0 6 12.
- He had the first four-strikeout postseason inning since 1908 (Orval Overall, h/t @jonheymancbs).
– Via @zacharylevine, Sanchez is the first pitcher to walk six and strike out 12 in the postseason since 1924. Who did it in 1924? Walter Johnson.
— The Red Sox struck out 17 times, tying the record for a nine-inning postseason game.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 10/12/13

  1. Alex says:

    Michael Wacha*

  2. J-Doug says:

    “He had the first four-strikeout [postseason] inning since 1908″

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