Daily Roundup 04/22/14

The Braves and Marlins combined for 28 strikeouts today.
- Neither team walked a batter
– None of those strikeouts was B.J. Upton.
— Alex Wood has had back-to-back starts of eight innings pitched and one run allowed. He has lost both games.
—- The game was played in 2:08.

Juan Francisco tripled.

Lyle Overbay stole a base.

Adam Dunn hit a home run off of a lefty.
- That the lefty in question was Phil Coke means that its inclusion here is debatable.

Carlos Ruiz tripled.
- As of the sixth inning (this writing), A.J. Burnett had three hits – or as many as the Braves hit tonight.

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4 Responses to Daily Roundup 04/22/14

  1. Christian says:

    Brayan Pena double

    Miguel Cabrera is still hitting below his weight despite going 3-5 with a HR today

    It’s April 22 and the Pirates have yet to play an opponent outside the NL Central
    - The Pirates and Brewers have already played seven games against each other
    – The Pirates won’t play a non-NL Central opponent until April 29, when they play in Baltimore
    — The Pirates won’t play another NL team outside the Central until May 5, as their first two non-NL Central series are against AL clubs

  2. Christian says:

    Also, Miguel Cabrera has more strikeouts than hits so far this season

  3. Brian says:

    Crazier than the double, Brayan Pena stole a base.
    – That’s his second of this season after not stealing a base in more than 700 games since 2010.

    The A’s recorded their seventh blown save of the year. That leads MLB.
    – That’s already one-third of their blown-save total from 2013.

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