Daily Roundup, 04/25/14

The Mets and Yankees have the same record.
- Omar Quintanilla had the tying hit in the ninth inning for the Mets tonight.
– And Granderson hit the walk-off.

Albert Pujols has as many home runs as the Royals.
- The Angels scored thirteen runs tonight… and Mike Trout had no hits.

Miguel Cabrera made all three outs in an inning for the Tigers.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 04/25/14

  1. Brian says:

    Matt Joyce walked five times.
    – The Rays scored just two times off of 11 walks.

    Jose Abreu has the most home runs before May 1 by a rookie in MLB history.
    – By the way, there are still five days left in April

    Hiroki Kuroda came into tonight’s start with a career 2.67 ERA in 35 starts at Yankee Stadium.

    You knew it wouldn’t last, but Mark Buehrle gave up three times as many runs in 5.1 innings tonight as he had allowed in 28 previous innings this season.

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