Daily Roundup 04/27/14

Dillon Gee walked.
- He’s a pitcher.

Omar Infante had a six RBI game.

Matt Adams tripled.

The Rays committed four errors today.
- The errors came in one inning.

Masahiro Tanaka walked four tonight – more than he has in the rest of the season combined.
- For just the sixth time in his career, A.J. Burnett threw eight innings without allowing a walk.

The Cubs have eight wins.
- Jason Hammel has four of them.

The Mariners took two of three from the Rangers and the one game they lost was the one that Felix Hernandez started.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 04/27/14

  1. Delzethin says:

    All 26 of the Pirates’ games so far have been against division foes.

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