Daily Roundup 04/29/14

From Monday’s games:

Ben Zobrist scored from first on a sacrifice bunt.

Yu Darvish’s 3.1 innings pitched, eight hits, and four runs was the shortest outing of his career.

Rene Rivera, who came into the game with no RBIs on the season, had five by the fifth inning.

From Tuesday’s games:

Billy Hamilton hit a home run.
- It was not an inside-the-park-home run.
– He now has as many home runs on the season as Bryce Harper.
— He also got caught stealing.

Cole Hamels walked Jon Niese to force in a run.
- This meant that Niese had an RBI before he allowed a hit.

Miguel Cabrera hit an infield single.

Jose Fernandez walked Alex Wood.

Robinson CanĂ³ now has more stolen bases on the season than home runs.

Carlos Santana hit a bunt single.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 04/29/14

  1. Bryan Holaday two-strike, two-out, go-ahead RBI bunt single
    - He also stole second base on a delayed steal
    – He’s a backup catcher for the Tigers

  2. Christian says:

    Joe Nathan pitched a perfect ninth inning
    - It’s YCPB because Nathan has had several rough outings this year

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