Daily Roundup, 04/30/14

The A’s have 17 hits.
- It’s the 7th.
– In the past three starts, Rangers SPs have gone less than five innings and given up four or more runs.
— All to the same opponent, too, the A’s.
—- The A’s scored 22 runs in 11.1 innings against Yu Darvish, Martin Perez, and Robbie Ross, who had a combined 1.65 ERA before April 28. (h/t @jay_princetonsa)

Meanwhile, the only team in baseball that’s had its starting pitcher go at least five innings every game? Your New York Mets.

Martin Maldonado, a catcher, pitched for the Brewers.
- It was “only” in a six-run game, too.
– He threw a scoreless inning.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 04/30/14

  1. Delzethin says:

    The team with the best record so far, at 20-8: the…Milwaukee Brewers?
    -And on that note, who saw Arizona’s 9-22 start coming?

    Every team in the AL East has a negative run differential.

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