Daily Roundup, 05/23/14

Andrew Romine homered.
- That’s the first home run of his career.
– Romine is not a full-time player, but he’s been in the league since 2010 and his 264 plate appearances entering the game were the second-most of any active non-pitcher for a player without any homers. Ben Revere (over 1500 PAs) is in first place on that list by a lot.
— Austin Jackson also homered.
—- Elvis Andrus has eight errors.

Quality start for Hector Noesi.
- He was in line to get a win until the bullpen blew it.
– He hasn’t won since May 6, 2012.
— He’s pitching against the Yankees, too.

The Red Sox have lost eight in a row.
- This one was scoreless in the ninth when pinch-hitter Cole Figueroa came through with a walkoff hit.
– It was Figueroa’s eighth career plate appearance, and just his second hit.

BJ Upton got on base three times, including once via a walk.
- He did not strike out during this game.

The Marlins lost a home game.

Charlie Morton won a game.

Brian Wilson pitched a perfect inning in which he struck out two.
- Carl Crawford homer.

Jason Giambi got intentionally walked for the first time since June 2012.
- He also homered.

Joe Mauer tripled.

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