Daily Roundup 05/26/14

The Red Sox won, their first win in their last eleven games.
- They were actually trailing by five after four.
– Clay Buchholz walked eight in three innings; David Price has walked eight all year and Phil Hughes has walked six.

Jeff Samardzjia got his first win of 2014.
- He is now 1-4…with an ERA of 1.68.
– The Cubs beat the Giants, who have the most wins in baseball.
— Michael Morse tripled.

Cody Ross scored from first on a single that was deflected off of third baseman Chase Headley’s glove.

Via @dcameronfg, Drew Smyly surrendered as many home runs in three innings against the A’s today as he did all of last year.

Lucas Duda homered off Mark Melancon. Melancon hadn’t allowed a homer since April of last year.
- Tony Watson, relief pitcher, hit an RBI single.
– Watson has five wins; Pirates’ starters have seven (via @jaredlankes).

A day after Josh Beckett’s no-hitter, Hyun-jin Ryu took a perfect game into the eigth inning.
- Justin Turner worked a 16-pitch walk vs Johnny Cueto.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 05/26/14

  1. Mike says:

    Smyly was a reliever all of last year though.

  2. Adrian says:

    Watson had a single with RISP but it wasn’t an RBI (the runner, Russell Martin, was held up at 3rd).

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