Daily Roundup 05/27/14

BEN REVERE HOMERED! (click on the link for video proof!)
- He had the most PAs for any active player without a home run (1565).
– To understand how crazy this is, consider that the next nineteen players on that list are all pitchers. In fact, even the now-current leader (Ryan Dempster) is only at 688 PAs.
— The position player that now takes the most PAs-without-a-home-run mantle? Brock Holt, with 211.
—- He now has as many home runs as Bryce Harper in 2014…
—– And more than Mariners second basemen.

Edwin Encarnacion homered. Again.
- He now has 14 home runs since May 6th.
– The record for home runs in the month of May is 16, held by Mickey Mantle.

Phil Hughes made his sixth consecutive start without walking a batter.
- He hasn’t walked a batter in 44.2 innings (125 hitters).
– Hughes has a career 2.7 BB/9.

Freddie Freeman tripled.

Lance Lynn pitched a CGSO.
- It’s his first career shutout.

Bud Norris pinch hit.
- So did Yovani Gallardo.
– Gallardo hit a walk-off pinch-hit double. (Video via the link).

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4 Responses to Daily Roundup 05/27/14

  1. It’s impossible not to love this amazing sport after a night like that :)
    The Revere’s HR and Gallardo PH walkoff double are so amazing…. :)

  2. Dan says:

    There are more than 125 outs in 44.2 innings. That number must be higher.

    • Chris says:

      In fact, Hughes has faced 175 batters since last giving up a walk. His last walk was in the 2nd inning of the Twins’ April 20 matchup with the Royals. He walked Alcides Escobar, the #9 hitter in the lineup that day, who later chased him from the game with a 2-run HR.

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