Daily Roundup 07/25/14

Raul IbaƱez tripled.
- It’s his third of the season.
– He’s 42 years old.

Freddie Freeman also tripled.
- It was his fourth of the year.

Ichiro Suzuki hit a home run.
- The Blue Jays have lost 17 games in a row at Yankee Stadium..
– and they had a lead in 12 of them (via @trevorsthoughts).

Michael Morse infield single.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 07/25/14

  1. Brian says:

    Keep the triples fest going!

    The Dodgers tripled five times.
    – Three of them came in the fifth inning.
    —- Yasiel Puig tripled three times, the first Dodger ever to do so.

    Mets beat the Brewers, 3-2.
    – Francisco Rodriguez gave up three runs in the ninth inning.

    Rangers beat the Athletics.

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