Daily Roundup, 07/28/14

Jason Lane started today for the Padres.
- His last start was August 20, 2007…
– and in that start, he was a center fielder.
— Lane got the loss today, but he pitched well: 6 IP, 2 R.
—- He also had a hit.

Brett Gardner hit two home runs
- Off Yu Darvish.
– He also singled – that was his first non-homer hit off Darvish ever.
— The Yankees still lost.
—- The other players Darvish has allowed four homers to in his career are Brandon Moss and Mike Trout.

On July 21, the Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 14-1. Tonight, the Blue Jays beat the Red Sox 14-1.
- Additionally, both these shellackings took place at the home stadium of the team that lost big.
– Only one Blue Jay homered, and it was Melky Cabrera – who homered twice.
— There have been three nine-run innings this year, and the Blue Jays have two of them. (h/t @brendan_97)

In their history as a franchise, the Diamondbacks are 12-0 in games that go 15+ innings.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 07/28/14

  1. James Burke says:

    Correction, ARI 13-0.

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