Daily Roundup, 07/30/14

This double play happened in Pirates/Giants.
- It happened right after a walk, too. So the Pirates made two outs on one play, when that play was a walk.
– The Giants scoring seven runs at home is YCPB at this point.

Brett Gardner homered to lead off the game again.
- He has seven home runs in July; Robinson Cano has seven home runs all year. (h/t @ktsharp)
– Colby Lewis threw seven innings, and has two quality starts against the Yankees – compared to two quality starts against everyone else, combined.

Jeurys Familia RBI.
- He’s a relief pitcher.

In Mariners/Indians, with Felix starting, a pitcher threw a “Maddux” (a complete game with less than 100 pitches)…
- and it wasn’t Felix Hernandez; it was Corey Kluber.

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