Daily Roundup, 08/27/14

David Price gave up nine hits in a row.
- He hadn’t given up nine hits in any of his last fourteen starts (h/t Jayson Stark).
– He gave up those hits to the Yankees
— In the past week, the Yankees have hit Chris Sale, James Shields, and now David Price very well, and won all three games.
—- After Price gave up eight runs in 2+ innings, the Tiger bullpen threw seven scoreless innings.

Rougned Odor grand slam.
- The Rangers/Mariners 12-4 game took under two and a half hours.
– The previously blazing hot Mariners lost a series to the Rangers.

The Phillies swept the Nats.
- Denard Span homer. It was a bomb, too.

Even stranger, there was an Adeiny Hechavarria homer.
- That’s his first home run all season.
– He’s not a part-time player, either – he has 461 PA!

Hector Noesi outdueled Cory Kluber.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 08/27/14

  1. Blake says:

    The Cubs h it back-to-back home runs
    -The second home run of that sequence was hit by Jorge Soler. It was 423ft……..and it was his first major league at-bat.

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