Daily Roundup, 08/29/14

Felix Hernandez has allowed four home runs tonight.
- That’s the first time he’s allowed four homers in one game in the majors.
– It was in just 3.1 innings, too.

Justin Verlander doesn’t have a scoreless outing all season.
- Tonight was the first time he gave up fewer than two runs.

In his debut with the Yankees, Josh Outman did not get… an out.

The Mets scored three runs in an inning with no hits.
- Eric Campbell stole home.

Given the injuries, this may be less than unpredictable, but the Rangers have used 59 players this season.
- That’s tied for the major league record, with September call-ups right around the corner.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 08/29/14

  1. Brian says:

    That line on Outman is true, but he pitched to only one batter.

    The Giants scored more than 10 runs for the first time since April.
    – They did it at home and against the Brewers
    —- They didn’t score a run after the fifth inning

  2. Christian says:

    The JV line wo

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