Daily Roundup, 09/22/14

The Mets are currently in second place.

Derek Jeter drove in three runs.
- The Orioles got one-hit.
– The last one-hit shutout by the Yankees at Yankee Stadium was in September 2010. CC Sabathia threw eight scoreless innings, and Jonathan Albaladejo closed it out. (h/t @yestoresearch)

Cleveland scored no runs today, but due to a quirk of scheduling – they were completing an unfinished game from August where they led 4-2 in the 10th – they won one game and lost another.
- Terrance Gore scored a run in that first suspended game. It started before he made his MLB debut.

The Pirates have played three 1-0 games in a row.

Kevin Pillar and Anthony Gose homered
- in the same game, even.

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