Wild Card Game Roundups

We all know what happened in A’s/Royals, so we won’t attempt to recap, just run through the wacky facts of it all. And oh, there were so very many:

- When James Shields was pulled, he had just 88 pitches. He’d thrown over 88 pitches in every single game he’d pitched for the Royals in his two years on the team, including over 88 pitches in a game where he was left in to give up ten runs in 3.2 innings.
– After Yordano Ventura gave up a home run to Brandon Moss and got into further trouble, the Royals were left with a 7-3 deficit. They hadn’t scored 8+ runs since August 17.
— Brandon Moss had two home runs in this game, after hitting .173/.310/.274 in the second half with only two home runs since July 24.
—- Jon Lester picked Billy Butler off. Lester hadn’t attempted a pickoff all season.
—– Seven different Royals stole bases.
—— Seven steals is tied for the most that any team stole in a game this season. That team was also KC, but only three different players stole bases in that one.
——- Alberto Callaspo drove in the go-ahead run for the A’s in the 12th. Callaspo hit just .223/.290/.290 this season (with 451 PA!), and his last RBI had been August 24.
——– Is that more or less weird than an Eric Hosmer triple?
——— Also, a reminder that the final score of a A’s/Royals game started by James Shields and Jon Lester was 9-8. Shields had 4 ER in 5 innings; Lester gave up 6 ER in 7.1.

As for the distinctly more routine NL Wild Card game:

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam.
- It’s the first time a shortstop has ever hit a grand slam in the postseason.
– It’s also the first time a postseason grand slam has ever been hit in Pittsburgh (h/t dakern74).
— So far, everyone who has hit a home run in the playoffs has been named Brandon.

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