2015 Bold Predictions

Hello, all!

It’s the best time of the year – the beginning of baseball season! And with the start of baseball season comes a deluge of predictions. As always, we aren’t sure why a site called You Can’t Predict Baseball does predictions every year, but without further ado, our bold predictions for 2015!

Boston Red Sox: Pablo Sandoval hits fewer homers than he hit last year.
Tampa Bay Rays: They will have a 16-game winner.
Baltimore Orioles: Chris Davis qualifies for the batting title with an .850+ OPS, and the Orioles win fewer than 96 games.
New York Yankees: CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka combine to throw 350+ innings.
Toronto Blue Jays: Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion account for less than 30% of their total dingers

Cleveland Indians: Michael Bourn steals 40 bases.
Detroit Tigers: Justin Verlander posts a 4+ bWAR.
Minnesota Twins–Phil Hughes has a K/BB over 10 again.
Chicago White Sox–Chris Sale throws 200 innings.
Kansas City Royals: They finish under .500.

Oakland Athletics: They will have the best rotation ERA in the AL West.
Houston Astros: Dallas Keuchel wins 15 games.
Seattle Mariners: Nelson Cruz leads the majors in home runs again
Texas Rangers: Neftali Feliz finishes in the top 5 in the AL in saves.
Los Angeles Angels–the infielders (C included) hit more homers than the outfielders.

Philadelphia Phillies: They win 75 or more games.
New York Mets: Matt Harvey doesn’t lead the team in wins, ERA, or strikeouts.
Washington Nationals: Their starters win fewer games than they did in 2014.
Miami Marlins: Henderson Alvarez strikes out 150+.
Atlanta Braves: Melvin Upton has an OBP over .300.

Chicago Cubs: They will finish with a top-2 record in the National League.
Cincinnati Reds: Aroldis Chapman will set a new career high in saves while having his worst season since he became full time closer in 2012.
Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen goes 30/30.
Milwaukee Brewers: By OPS+, they have a top-three offense in the NL.
St. Louis Cardinals: They will miss the playoffs as Wainwright puts up an ERA over 3.

San Diego Padres: No one hits 25 homers.
San Francisco Giants: Madison Bumgarner posts a 3.50+ ERA for the first time.
Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw isn’t their winningest pitcher.
Arizona Diamondbacks: They finish with an above league average team ERA.
Colorado Rockies: They have a team ERA under 4.50.

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2 Responses to 2015 Bold Predictions

  1. Michael says:

    You should probably update your Braves prediction. The trade technically happened before the season, so you should be allowed to do that.
    My suggestion: Hell, I don’t know…maybe something about Alberto Callaspo. Or Jim Johnson. Or Freddie Freeman…although he’s probably not there for long.

  2. Blake says:

    As a Reds fan, I must say….I completely disagree. Since I think the Reds will have a lousy season(definitely a losing season), I think Chapman will not have as many saves as he normally does, BUT, I still think he will have a great year.

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