New Season, New Style

Welcome back, folks!

With Opening Day finally upon us, we figured we’d bring you up to speed on some changes that are afoot here at YCPB. This is our sixth (!) season bringing you the best of the wackiness from every game, both here and on Twitter.

While more people follow us there than we ever could have imagined back in 2010, the truth is that the vast majority don’t wind up on this webpage. Considering the number of people who read the full roundups vs. the amount of people who would read them as, say, a series of tweets, and the amount of work it takes to write them, complicated by real life intruding on these pages, well, the math doesn’t really add up. Long story short, we will not be producing a daily roundup in 2015.

We have no plans of shuttering YCPB, or even significantly downsizing; we are just moving the majority of our content to where more people will see it. Our Twitter feed will expand with info that would normally have appeared here, while this site will continue publishing roundups less frequently, likely weekly. We will also attempt – as our time allows us – to publish more long pieces, here and for ESPN’s Sweetspot Blog.

Thanks for all your continued support,
-The YCPB team

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9 Responses to New Season, New Style

  1. Rainbow Pinstripes says:

    Respectfully, this decision is really disappointing and kind of a misfire in my opinion. While twitter may give you more immediate page views, some of the allure of your site has been able to follow a series of information revolving around one game – you certainly can’t feature 8 or 9 pieces of information about one game in a single tweet… I think by turning into primarily tweet based website, some of the humor and originality is lost, and instead it becomes a fact-reporting stream that kind of loses something in translation. I hope you change your mind at some point, but if not, I’ll miss this being one of my first stops during my morning reading!

  2. nocurling says:

    i’m with rainbow. very disappointing. this was my first morning stop every day.

    good luck. i will not be following on twitter.

  3. shad says:

    I agree as well and am super bummed. I have been an RSS reader for years now and enjoyed the daily roundup format. Trying to dig through twitter to find these one by one will be time consuming and difficult and I sincerely hope the daily roundup will come back someday.

  4. Jonny Strasse says:

    I’m also with rainbow.
    This is the worst news ever :(

  5. Quincy A. says:

    Allow me to join the chorus. Twitter is not at all the right forum for what YCPB can and has provided. Sorry, but I will not be following you there. Please reconsider!

  6. shoewizard says:

    bummer. Twitter is blocked where I live here in China. I can check when the VPN is working, but thats less and less these days, as China found ways to block VPN’s too. Will check you out when I can though.

  7. Wigs says:

    Agreed with the above comments. I love how you guys take a point for a game and build on it, making it more and more ridiculous. Can’t really get that style with twitter posts.

    • Wigs says:

      Also the first roundup post didn’t even mention Colon’s RBI single! That’s like the most YCPB thing ever and it’s even your Twitter avatar!

  8. Jesse Johnson says:

    I agree with all of the other comments. I think this was a terrible decision and I will really miss reading the in depth posts. I will not be following on twitter for lack of convenience.

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