Opening Week Round-up, 04/05/15-04/11/15

Happy Opening Week!
-The Mets have the best Opening Day record in all MLB, despite never winning an Opening Day game until 1970.

In the opening game of 2015, Jon Lester only recorded 13 outs for the Cubs.
- It’s the fewest outs he’s recorded in an outing since June 2012.

The first rain delay of the season came at the retractable-roofed Marlins Park.
- Speaking of unlikely delays, the Dodgers, whose home state is in the middle of an historic drought and just announced water restrictions for the first time in state history, had their second game delayed by rain.

The Reds scored their first run of the season on a balk, and Bob Davidson was not involved.
- It took the Twins until their third game to score their first run, and they didn’t get their first RBIs until Friday night (04/10/2015).
– Adrian Gonzalez alone had seven by the start of play Friday evening.
— Actually, heading into Thursday’s games, Adrian Gonzalez had more home runs than Yankees, Brewers, Braves, Pirates, Twins, Rangers, Cubs, Astros, Mets, Cardinals & Marlins…combined.
—- And Brandon McCarthy’s bases-loaded walk on Wednesday temporarily gave him more RBI than the twins.

In his first start of the season, Kyle Kendrick threw seven shutout innings.
- Meanwhile, Cole Hamels gave up four home runs for just the second time in his career.
– Speaking of Opening Day starts, Clayton Kershaw allowed three ER to the Padres; it’s the second-most runs he has ever allowed to San Diego.
— Ryan Rua broke up Sonny Gray’s attempt at an Opening Day no-hitter with his 32nd career hit.
—- The game was Oakland’s first Opening Day win since 2004.
—– Via @ckamka, for Opening Day starters who were debuting with a new team:

Team lost: Lester, Scherzer, Samardzija, Shields, Gallardo
Team won: Kyle Kendrick

Kendrys Morales, who walked 27 times in 2014, walked three times on Opening Day.

Mat Latos’ ERA after his first start? 94.50.

Jeff Francouer hit a three-run home run, which was his first home run while in the majors since June 2013.

Unpredictable stolen bases include Salvador Perez on Wednesday, and Miguel Cabrera’s steal of third on Friday, which gave him more stolen bases than home runs on the season.

The Indians lost a combined no-hitter with one out in the ninth when Nick Hagadone surrendered a solo HR to Jed Lowrie.

Unpredictable player positions: Carlos Gomez played second base in Milwaukee in the ninth inning, and Garrett Jones pinch ran for Alex Rodriguez.

On Friday night, the Yankees and Red Sox played a 19-inning game that lasted nearly seven hours and went on until 2:13 in the morning.
- Mark Teixeira was 34 when the game began and 35 when it ended. Seriously!
– The Yankees tied it in their last at-bat three different times.
— This game was also delayed about fifteen minutes due to a light bank going out.
—- It was the longest game the Red Sox have ever played. They’ve been around a while! It’s the second-longest game in Yankee history, too.
—– Mike Napoli had a “golden sombrero” (four strikeouts) in extra innings alone.

In Cole Hamels’ second start of the season, he walked Doug Fister – an opposing pitcher – on four pitches.

Paul Orlando of the Royals has three major league hits; they are all triples.

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2 Responses to Opening Week Round-up, 04/05/15-04/11/15

  1. Ryan Techer says:

    Miguel Cabrera’s last three stolen bases, dating back to 2013, have been against the Cleveland Indians.

  2. Christian says:

    Miguel Cabrera had his first stolen base of 2015 before he hit his first home run of the year.
    - The steal was of third base.

    The Tigers have 10 stolen bases through six games.
    - In 2013, the Tigers had 35 stolen bases for the entire season.

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