Weekly Roundup 04/20/15-04/26/15

After an 11-game winning streak, the Mets had sole possession of the best record in baseball.
- How do you win eleven in a row? With Bartolo Colon doing things like this:

– The Mets’ streak was brought to an end on Friday night, when they lost to the Yankees.

Former Met Ike Davis made a pitching appearance in Oakland’s Tuesday night game.
- Other unusual positional changes include a center field appearance from Kris Bryant.

In the Yankees-Tigers game last Monday, the Yankees had two extra base hits, including a home run, and the Tigers had none.
- The Tigers won.
– At one point, Miguel Cabrera had made five outs in four pitches.
— The Monday win was the only one the AL-leading Tigers had against the Yankees in the four-game set.
—- On Wednesday’s game, the first INNING of the Yankees-Tigers game took a combined *87* pitches.
—– Also in that game, Gregorio Petit, who came into the game hitting .111/.150/.111, was just intentionally walked.

Via @sky_kalkman, Mark Teixeira has a .163 BABIP and is 11th in the majors in wRC+.

By Monday, Paulo Orlando had hit five triples in seven games.
- If 5 triples in 7 games doesn’t sound like a lot: Victor Martinez has 3 triples in 1470 games & teammate Mike Moustakas has 3 in 527 games.
– When Orlando hit his fifth triple, it gave him more triples than teammates Christian Colon and Jarrod Dyson had hits…combined (4).
— His fifth triple gave him, at the time, more triples than the entire Brewers’ team had home runs (4).

Speaking of triples – Joe Mauer hit a two-run triple on Sunday.
- Other unlikely triples this week include back-to-back triples from Carlos Beltran and Chase Headley, as well as one from Yonder Alonso, which was the second of his career.

The Brewers have had a hard time hitting home runs in 2015 — as of Sunday night, they have as many home runs as a team as Nelson Cruz does on his own (nine), and Cruz plays his home games in Seattle.
- That said, Elian Herrera did hit a grand slam on Tuesday. It was the third grand slam of their game against the Reds.
– In the same game, Zack Cozart, who hit four home runs in all of 2014 (147 games/543 PA), hit two.

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  1. Chad says:

    Also, the Astros and A’s played a game in which neither team scored even one run in the first nine innings followed by both teams scoring multiple runs in both the 10th and the 11th.

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