Weekly Roundup 05/11/15-05/18/15

Clint Robinson pitched an inning for the Nationals.
- He’s a first baseman.

On Wednesday, Corey Kluber struck out eighteen in eight innings.
- He’s just the second pitcher ever (Randy Johnson in 1992 being the other) to strike out that many in less than nine innings.
– Via @suss2hyphens, Todd Jones had 14 strikeouts in 2008, and 18 saves. For, you know, comparison’s sake…

Also on Wednesday, the Twins had triples from Brian Dozier, Trevor Plouffe, and Joe Mauer.
- Russell Martin tripled this week, too.

On Thursday, the Cubs won on a walkoff walk.

Sonny Gray gave up one run in seven innings. He lost to Wade Miley, who entered the day with a 6.91 ERA.

San Diego and the Los Angeles Dodgers both had rain delays on the same day.

On Saturday, Jacob deGrom had two hits. In one inning.
- Reminder that he’s a pitcher.
– The Mets scored 10 runs in that inning. There were no ten-run innings in all of 2014.

And, finally, the end to the Cubs game on Friday, in which an outfielder falls down…but it’s not a Cub!

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2 Responses to Weekly Roundup 05/11/15-05/18/15

  1. Eddie says:

    Shelby Miller was one out away from the first no-hitter of 2015.

    Bryce Harper has a slugging percentage of .729. The NL average for OPS is .715.

    Your first team to win twenty-five games in 2015 is… the Houston Astros?

    A.J. Burnett has allowed two or fewer runs in his first eight starts of the season. He is the first pitcher to do that since 1900.

    Kenley Jansen struck out four Rockies in one inning in his first appearance in 2015.
    - The next day his teammate Sergio Santos also struck out four Rockies in one inning.
    – They both took place in the eighth inning of their respective games.

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