Daily Roundup, 06/08/15-06/14/15

On Friday, catcher Jesus Sucre pitched for the Mariners against the Astros.
- This is odd enough on its own, but this was a game Felix Hernandez started.
– Of course, Felix was out of the game because he gave up eight runs in just one-third of an inning.
— To the Astros, who were slumping at the time.
—- The Astros playing poorly being notable of this site is some kind of bizarro YCPB.
—– All that, and Sucre got more outs than Felix did.

Chris Heston of the Giants threw a no-hitter against the Mets.
- The only blemishes on his line were three players hit by pitches.
– Heston has just 79.1 major league innings, to the tune of a 93 ERA+.
— Less than two years ago, the Giants designated Heston for assignment.

On Saturday, the Braves’ closer Jason Grilli got the win, while starter Williams Perez got a save.

When Bryce Harper faced Yankees reliever Jacob Lindgren, it meant he finally faced a pitcher younger than him.

The Blue Jays scored more runs this weekend than the Royals have scored all month. (h/t @castrovince)
- Drew Hutchinson has allowed 14 runs in 6.1 total innings in his two starts at Fenway this year. The Jays have won both those games. (h/t Tim Britton)
– Justin Smoak and Russell Martin tripled in the same game on Friday.

On Sunday, the Twins hit three triples in an inning – in which they only managed to score one run.

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