Daily Roundup, 07/19/10

- The Indians are off to a 5-0 start after the All-Star break for the first time… umm… well… ever. And remember how they were actually like scary good in the 1990s?
– They had 20 hits today, and 10 runs, against the Twins. 20 hits!!!!
— but no home runs.
—- The Twins had 12 hits… but only four runs.

- Please read this summary of the crazy Rangers/Tigers game, as they sum it up a lot better than I could.

- Two teams featuring AL Central teams – both that Rangers/Tigers game, and the Indians/Twins game – combined to leave fifty-four men on base (thanks to @stevensmithy on Twitter).

- After the Cubs won three out of four games against the Phillies, and the Astros got beat around by the Pirates, the Astros dominated the Cubs in today’s game.
– Remember when Carlos Silva was 8-0? Today, he lasted just one inning and gave up five runs TO THE ASTROS.
— And he walked two in just one inning. Even when he was useless with Seattle, he walked almost no one.

- The Mets’ Mike Pelfrey threw 51 pitches in one inning. Speaking of 51… over his past 14.2 innings, he has 51 baserunners. If I did my math right, which is no guarantee, that’s a sweet-ass 3.591 WHIP.

- It was 8-0 Rays in tonight’s Tampa Bay/Baltimore game after three innings. the Rays didn’t score after that.

- Remember how Yunel Escobar hadn’t homered once this year for Atlanta? He’s homered twice in three games for Toronto. Guess he’s just drinking whatever everyone else in that lineup is…

- Ubaldo Jimenez got hit hard by the Marlins tonight, giving up six runs, four earned, in 5.1 innings, to raise his ERA to a clearly shameful 2.38. When he left, it was 6-4 Marlins, and the Fish soon tacked on another run to make it 7-4. In the top of the eighth, though, the Rockies retook the lead on two home runs, one solo and one three-run. With an 8-7 lead, Rockies closer Huston Street comes in for the save in the bottom of the ninth, and pinch-hitter Donnie Murphy – who’s had only four plate appearances this season – hits a walk-off home run. That was his first major league home run in over two years, by the way, to boot.

- These WPA graphs from tonight (thanks Fangraphs) make me go WHEEEEE:
Blue Jays/Royals (this one just looks painful, actually…)

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