Weekly Roundup, 08/10/15-08/16/15

On Tuesday night, all fifteen home teams won.
- This is the first time all fifteen home teams have won on one day in major league history.

Congratulations to Matt Kemp on his cycle.
- Not only did Kemp get a cycle, it was the first cycle in Padres history.
– The Padres are, of course, despite playing their first game in 1969, the only franchise without a no-hitter. Even the Rockies (whose first season was 1993, and who play in Coors) have a no-hitter, though it was on the road.

Speaking of no-hitters, the Mariners certainly had a strange three game stretch on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. (They were off on Thursday.)
- On Wednesday, Hisashi Iwakuma threw a no-hitter against the Orioles.
– On Friday, they lost 15-1 to the Red Sox.
— On Saturday, they lost 22-10 to the Red Sox.
—- That means they went from a no-hitter to giving up 37 runs in two games.

In that 22-10 game, Jackie Bradley Jr.’s individual performance was quite notable.
- He hit three doubles and two home runs.
– That’s 14 total bases, which is the most by any player this season.
— Prior to this season, Bradley Jr. was a .196/.268/.280 hitter in 164 games and 530 PA.
—- Additionally, this 22-10 game was on August 15. That’s Ben Affleck’s birthday. The Red Sox hadn’t won on August 15 since 1997, making it 15 straight years they lost on that date.
—– The Red Sox had a season high 26 hits. Of course, the Orioles tied that record just the next day.

On Wednesday, both the Cubs and White Sox won on walk-offs.
- The last time both Chicago teams won on a walk-off on the same day was in 1995.

Evan Gattis now has nine triples this season.
- That’s second in all of MLB.

After getting swept in a four-game series in San Francisco, the Nationals are now under .500.

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