Daily Roundup 7/24/10 I Need a Blizzard

–The Mets played a 13 inning affair in Los Angeles today. They lost.
—Frankie Rodriguez, the Mets closer, never made an appearance
—-One of every four Mets losses in 2010 has come via a walk off. Ouch.

–The Rays beat the Indians. It’s something like the first time in 13 tries that they won a game at Progressive/Jacobs Field. Streaky.

–Brooks Conrad had a pinch hit grand slam.
—You may remember him as the one who hit a walk off grand slam home run against Cincinnati when the Braves came back from being down 7-1 in the ninth inning.
—-He now has five home runs on the season.

–Oh look, the Padres scored nine runs! They’re running away with the NL West. That the Padres managed to remain competitive in a week division is not all that surprising, but the way they’ve done it with presumably nothing but pitching is even more awesome.

–Alex Rodriguez had a chance to hit both his 500th and 600th home run against the same pitcher, but it did not come to pass. Oh well, he’ll just homer tomorrow. Don’t judge.

–Via @cistulli Adam Dunn paid an impromptu visit to Bob Uecker in the press box DURING THE GAME.
—-Uecker’s return to the game is so totally worth it, though.

–Sure, Ubaldo has fifteen wins and all, but he got rocked bad today. Fantasy owners who sold high are probably loving life right now.

–Jon Lester took a perfect game into the sixth, struck out 13, lost the perfect game to an error and threw 124 pitches…and lost the game.

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