Daily Roundup, 07/29/10

- After looking completely hopeless about a week and a half ago, the Phillies have now won 8 in a row. The NL is just weird.

- Speaking of the Phillies, I’m sure you know Roy Oswalt just got traded to them, but did you know Oswalt got traded just one win shy of the Astros’ franchise record for wins?

- Ramon Castro of the Chicago White Sox had a two-homer game. It’s the second of his career. The first? April 2002.

- With a win tonight, Baltimore reliever David Hernandez got his fifth win of the season. He now leads the team in wins. There were two pitchers in MLB in June alone with five wins.

- The Yankees’ starters for their four-game series in Cleveland: Javy Vazquez (who’s been very good of late, but who had an ugly April and May and has a bit of a bloated ERA because of it), AJ Burnett (whose June was recently the worst month in Yankees’ pitching history, apparently), Dustin Moseley (a thoroughly medicore pitcher who was a spot-starter for the injured Andy Pettitte), and CC Sabathia. The Yankees won three out of four. Guess what Yankee pitcher was the only one to lose, and indeed who turned in the worst performance of any of those guys?

- The only Cleveland pitcher who didn’t issue a walk to a Yankee in today’s game was Andy Marte. As in the position player Andy Marte who was forced to pitch because the game was such a ridiculous blowout and Cleveland’s pen was completely drained.

- The Yankees’ Marcus Thames played third base for the first time in his career. If you’ve ever watched him play where he normally does, the outfield, you know he’s uhhh not very good out there. Anyway, he made a hilarious throwing error.

- The Yankees started their game vs. the Indians 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position. Then, they went 7-for-11 in their next at-bats with RISP. (Thanks to River Ave. Blues for that)

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 07/29/10

  1. Chad says:

    Hernandez did start the year in the Orioles’ rotation. Still, he was 1-5 as a starter, so he still had 4 relief wins, which at the time was as many as any of the starters had.

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