Daily Roundup, 08/02/10

- The Blue Jays tied a ML record for doubles in an inning, I believe.

- AJ Burnett has the AL record of both 6+ ER outings and 0 ER outings.

- We’re in the bottom of the sixth in SDP/LAD and San Diego has scored ten runs.
– Oh, and the Padres’ Clayton Richard allowed 10 hits, three walks, and one hit-by-pitch through 5.1. He’s currently in line to get the win.

- 17+ runs have been scored by any team nine times this year. The Brewers have done that four times.
– The final score of that game was 18-1. It was 0-0 through the third. Oh, and the Cubs had the same number of extra base hits as the Brewers. (thanks to @cj_pinstripes for that)
— Yovani Gallardo struck out 12 in 6 innings, but that will probably be ignored for the final score.

- The Athletics have thrown three straight complete games in a row.

Sorry for the short roundup. It was not a terribly good night for wacky stuff around baseball. We’ll be back tomorrow. :D

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