Daily Roundup 08/09/10 (look at the funky date!)

(with some help from ESPN and the folks at Baseball Tonight)

Some games are still in progress; not a whole lot going on tonight

–Jacoby Ellsbury stole four bases today
—It’s the most a single Red Sox player has stolen in a game versus the Yankees since 1998.
—-The all time record of five was set in 1927.

–The Baltimore Orioles ended a streak of 20-straight Monday losses. Apparently Buck Showalter is allergic to losing.

–Two days after Jorge Posada stole a base and a day after Jose Molina did the same, Yadier Molina legged out an infield hit.

–At one point, Carlos Zambrano had allowed one hit…while walking five.

–The Mariners turned a 5-4-3 Triple Play.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 08/09/10 (look at the funky date!)

  1. Carcillo says:

    *Mark Teixeira hit an 8th inning home run off Daniel Bard for the second consecutive August 9th.

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