Daily Roundup, 08/20/10

Doo bee doo bee doo. One more crazy night.

Many, many, many, MANY thanks to @stevensmithy for various factoids here. :)

- You all know the Red Sox’s Jon Lester is kinda good, right? Not tonight. His line: 2+ IP, 8 H, 9 R/ER, 3 BB, 1 K, 51 pitches. His Game Score was 2.
– Lyle Overbay hit two three-run home runs off of him. Overbay was just 4-for-17 in his career off of Lester prior to tonight.
— No Blue Jay ever had more than 6 RBI in a game against Boston before tonight. Lyle Overbay had seven overall, and… six by the third inning.
—- Toronto entered tonight hitting just .216 against LHP

- Through six starts since his move to the AL, Dan Haren’s K/9 is only 5.9. In his career, it’s 7.7, but over the past three years, he’s averaging 8.5+. In Arizona this year, he had a 9.0 K/9.

- Jim Thome had a triple tonight. It was his second of the season. He hasn’t had a season with multiple triples since 2003.

- Texas beat the Orioles! They snapped a five-game losing streak against them, including when they got SWEPT in a FOUR-GAME SERIES IN ARLINGTON.

- The pitching mismatch of the night was in the Nationals/Phillies game. Jason Marquis and his 0-5 record with an ERA over 10 to match vs. ROY HALLADAY. So the Phillies won – that’s not unpredictable. What is? They won 1-0!

- The Padres lost 10-6. That is not a very Padres-game-like score! They were facing the Brewers, who threw out their ace, Yovani Gallardo. He gave up 6 runs (and walked 5, eesh) in 3.1 innings. However, he was out-anti-dueled by Wade LeBlanc of the Padres, who gave up 7 runs over 3.1.

- The miserable performances by Lester, Gallardo, and LeBlanc raised their ERAs to completely shameful 3.26, 3.28, and 3.85, respectively. Yeah they’re kinda good.

- A bullpen imploded in Arizona and it wasn’t the Arizona bullpen! Also, this was the Rockies’ (who they were playing) second loss in a row. It is the first time they have lost OR won two in a row all of August.

- Someone was shut out in a Mariners/Yankees game and it wasn’t the Mariners. Though King Felix was pitching, so it’s understandable.

- The Reds broke a 12-game losing streak at Dodger Stadium.

- Everyone remembers the whole Armando Galarraga perfect-game-that-wasn’t story. Well tonight, he faced the Indians again, and soundly beat them, including having a perfect game through the first few innings. Anyway, if you rightfully count the last out of that Galarraga perfect game, Galarraga retired 42 straight Cleveland Indians on 140 pitches. It took Edwin Jackson 149 pitches to throw his no-hitter against Tampa Bay this year.

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