Daily Roundup–08/30/10

–JA Happ pitched a two hit shutout in which the hits were given up to Randy Winn and Yadier Molina.

–The White Sox played 10 one run games in August. They’ve lost nine of them; the tenth is currently in extra innings. (edit: They won.)

–The Royals had two GIDPs, and Billy Butler wasn’t one of them.

–At one point today, Jay Bruce had six hits in his last ten at bats, and five of the six were home runs.
—Randy Wolf stole a base for the Brewers.
—-Randy Wolf is a pitcher.
—–It’s the first time in franchise history a pitcher has stolen a base for the Brewers.

–I realize you can debate the merits of counting the Pirates as a baseball team, but even so the Cubs hanging fourteen runs on them in seven innings is pretty impressive.
—Zambrano had a home run. Via @stophamm3rtime, Zambrano has seven more career homers (21) than Juan Pierre (14)…and Pierre’s played a year longer. Plus, the whole pitcher/non-pitcher thing.

–Speaking of lotsa runs, the Yankees scored eleven runs in five innings.
—Against Trevor Cahill.
—–With Ramiro Peña in the lineup.
——Oh, and Marcus Thames has hit home runs in each of his last five starts.
——–Trevor Cahill has allowed 50 earned runs this season. The Yankees have 14 of those. (via our friends at River Ave Blues

–Mark Reynolds has two home runs…by the fourth inning.

–The Mets’ season: 48-40 without Beltran, 17-26 with Beltran. (via @metsfaithful

–Via @LookoutLanding: The Mariners are on pace to score 523 runs this season, which is fewer runs than 26 teams already have
—That’d be the worst offense in the DH era.

–The Angels scored a run in the sixth inning today–after 31 innings of not scoring.

–Hiroki Kuroda took a no-hitter into the eighth…and also got his first base hit of the season (1-46).
—Rod Barajas loves to play the Dodgers. Since 2008 he’s 18-34 against the team.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup–08/30/10

  1. nyysports says:

    If you add our site, http://newyorksportszone.com/, to your links, we’ll add yours to ours.

  2. Chad says:

    What tenth one-run game last night? The way I see it on the scoreboard, last night’s game was a 4-run victory for the White Sox. (Also, they already had 10 one-run games, and indeed, they were 1-9. You must have missed the second game of that tripleheader doubleheader with the Royals, the only win of that series, which was an extra-inning one-run game, just like the other two games of that series.

  3. Chad says:

    Oops, forgot to close the parentheses.

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