Daily Roundup, 09/05/10

- The Mets scored 18 runs.
– The last time the Mets scored double-digit runs, it was June 22, where they scored 14 against the Tigers. Since that game, they’ve been averaging just 3.3 runs per game.
— They didn’t have three-quarters of their regular infield starting the game, including David Wright and Jose Reyes.

- The Marlins blew a six-run lead to the Braves.
– They still won, on a walk-off base hit in the tenth.
— Against Atlanta’s bullpen, who had gone nearly 16 scoreless innings.
—- The walk-off hit was Scott Cousins’ first major league hit.
—– He was only hitting because the previous batter, Emilio Bonifacio, hit a foul ball that hit Logan Morrison, who was on deck, in the face and had to be removed from the game.

- The Padres have a ten-game losing streak. Ten games!
– They’re still in first place.
— Colorado swept them at home. They are 29-42 away from Coors, and they hit .301/.372/.502/.874 there and .227/.300/.352/.653 away, but they’re 7-2 at the notoriously hitter-unfriendly Petco this year.

- Jonathan Papelbon threw 48 pitches. He’s a closer!

- The Angels scored more runs today than in their last four games combined.

- The Rays hit four home runs against the Orioles… and lost.
– Wade Davis allowed 4 ER in 5 IP against Baltimore. In his career, he’d only allowed 2 ER in 24 career innings against the Orioles.
— The Orioles won another one-run game. They have the best winning percentage in the entire AL in one-run games.

- In his career, the Giants’ Jonathan Sanchez is 0-5 with a plus-six ERA against the Dodgers. He just threw seven scoreless innings and got the win against them.
– Similarly, Kyle Davies of the Royals is 2-7 against the Tigers in his career against them, and 0-5 with an ERA over six against the Tigers at home. Today, he threw six innings of one-run ball and got the win. A 2-1 win, to boot.

- Jason Marquis of the Nationals won his second game in a row. He hadn’t had a win all season prior to that.
– Charlie Morton of the Pirates, who he beat, is now 1-11. I know W/L doesn’t mean all that much but just… seriously.
— Thanks to Jordan for pointing this out: he’s not even the only 1-11 pitcher on his own team! (It is the Pirates.)

- The Rangers/Twins game ended on Michael Young getting called out at third base as the tying run in the middle of a big Texas rally for… supposed interference with the third base coach.
– Matt Capps got a save for pitching 1/3 of an inning, in which he gave up three hits and one walk.

- In sort of minor league news, Bill Lee pitched 5.1 innings for an independent league team in Massachusetts and got a win.
– He’s 63 years old!

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 09/05/10

  1. seimiya says:


    While I’m not sure this is the exact stat, I think it was something like….. the Padres are the first first-place team to have a 10-game losing streak since the Pirates in 1923. Fact check that, but it is totally ridiculous.

    Jonathan Papelbon has blown more saves (7) than Mariano Rivera has ER (6).

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