Daily Roundup, 09/06/10

The Giants beat Arizona 2-0 in 11 innings.
-That Arizona’s pen blew it is not even slightly surprising, but it took them until the 11th to do so (and they had bases empty two outs in the 11th). Progress!
–Sort of. The 11th was only the pen’s third inning of work, due to a stellar outing from Ian Kennedy (8 innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts).
—Kennedy also doubled to lead off the 8th, the first extra base hit of his career.
—-Until the 11th, it was the only extra base hit of the game.

Ubaldo Jimenez gave up four runs, walked six, and threw 123 pitches in just six innings. All those–runs, walks, pitches per inning–were his worst since his horrendous July 24th outing nine starts ago.
-Nonetheless, he picked up his first win since August 4th.
–In the five starts since August 4th, he gave up 1 (in 7 innings), 3 (in 8 innings), 3 (in 6 innings), 3 (in 7 innings), and 2 (in 8 innings) runs. He went 0-4.
—It was just his third win since the All-Star Break.

Aroldis Chapman gave up three hits and allowed two inherited runners to score.

The White Sox had eight hits with runners in scoring position but only wound up with five runs.

A bunch of weird happenings in the San Diego-Los Angeles game.
-First off, the Padres won. This snapped a ten game losing streak, the longest by a first place team since the 1920s.
–Adrian Gonzalez bunted.
—Ok, he bunted to beat the shift, but still.
—-It worked. To quote the announcer, “you’ve got to be shifting me”
—–Edward Mujica walked Brad Ausmus. Mujica had walked only five batters in 62.2 innings coming into tonight, and Ausmus is a 41 year-old catcher with an OPS+ of 57.
——Scott Podsednik homered.
——-Off Luke Gregerson.
——–At Petco Park.

One day after scoring 18 runs against the Cubs, the Mets managed just three hits in losing 13-3 to the Nationals.
-As befitting a blowout, Oliver Perez made an appearance. He gave up a run on three hits over two innings.
–He didn’t walk a batter (came in with 39 walks in 44 innings)

Washington’s Danny Espinosa, playing in his fifth big league game, went 4-5 with two home runs and six RBIs.
-It’s the fourth time since 1920 a player has had an 11-TB game in the first five games of his career.
–It’s the second time this season. Remember JP Arencibia?

Dan Haren walked four batters for the second time in nine starts for the Angels.
-He walked four batters in just one of the 87 starts he made while in Arizona.

Ryan Kalish hit his third big league home run.
-It was his second grand slam.
–With all of three career home runs, Ryan Kalish has more grand slams than Derek Jeter and Pete Rose.

The Boston bullpen walked three consecutive batters with the bases loaded.
-The first two were pinch hitters because Joe Maddon was pulling the regulars with the Red Sox up 11-2 in the 7th.

The Pirates beat Tommy Hanson.

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