Daily Roundup, 09/18/10

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- In the bottom of the fifth inning of the Braves/Mets game, Luis Hernandez fouled a 1-0 pitch off his foot and was clearly in terrible pain. He stayed in the game, though, and on the next pitch, he hit a home run. His trot around the bases… well, you gotta see it to believe it. Not QUITE Kirk Gibson there.

- Robert Andino of the Orioles didn’t have a home run on the season before this series against the Yankees. He had one last night, and he had one tonight.
– That one tonight was against CC Sabathia, by the way.

- Danny Valencia of the Twins is hitting .456 at Target Field… seriously.

- The Rockies only slightly outhit the Dodgers in their game today, 14-12. But the Rockies completely blew out the Dodgers, 12-2.

- Speaking of the Rockies, here is the Troy Tulowitzki section.
– He hit two more home runs today.
— He’s now hit 14 home runs over a 15-game period in September. He becomes one of three players to hit 14 HR over a 15-game period since 1900. Three! Since 1900! (The others are Albert Belle in 1995 and Barry Bonds in 2001, if you were curious)
—- He has 33 RBI this month. That’d be 6th on the Mariners in RBI. FOR THE YEAR.
—– Teams Tulo has outhomered this month: NYY, MIN, CLE, BAL, TEX, SEA, OAK, ATL, WAS, CHC, HOU, PIT, LAD & ARI. Close to NYM and CIN, too.

- Oh, and also in that Rockies/Dodgers game, Melvin Mora went 4-for-4 with a grand slam. The Rockies have three grand slams this year – and two of them are actually on the road. Mora has two of them, both of the road grand slams. But who cares, because, Tulo!

- Oh, and Jose Bautista homered again too, but Tulo is the new cool thing so get with it, kiddies!
– All of his homers have been to left or center field.

- The Yankees now have three infielders with 100+ RBI for the first time in their history (Cano, Rodriguez, Teixeira).

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