Daily Roundup, 09/19/10

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The Texas Rangers went 0-7 with RISP, and 0-5 off Seattle starter Doug Fister.
-Opponents hit .268/.308/.371 off Fister this year, so this might not seem surprising, but with runners in scoring position, opponents were hitting .320/.372/.467 off him. (h/t Baseball Musings)

Seattle won 2-1.
-It’s the 68th (!!!!!) time this season Seattle’s hilariously bad offense has been held to two runs or fewer. It’s the 12th such game that they won.
–Now at 472 runs scored, they are on pace to score 518 runs this season. Every other team already has scored more than that.
—Fister is now 6-12 with a 3.83 ERA.

Mariano Rivera and Francisco Liriano gave up home runs on the same day. It was just the second home run hit off Rivera and the fifth hit off Liriano all season.

Speaking of the Twins, Liriano got hit around for five runs in five innings by Oakland, while the Twins got shut down by Bobby Cramer.
-Cramer was making his second big league start.
–He is 30 years old, and had been released twice before signing with Oakland before last season.

The Pirates swept the Diamondbacks.
-That’s actually the third three-game sweep the Pirates have been on the right side of this season. It’s Pittsburgh’s first three-game winning streak since 6/30-7/2.
–The Pirates are a respectable 36-39 at home.
—They were losing this game 3-1 in the 8th before the Arizona pen worked it’s magic.
—-All told, the Arizona bullpen gave up 8 runs in 8.1 innings this series.

Drew Storen gave up four runs in the bottom of the ninth to blow the game for Washington.
-On just 16 pitches.

Brett Sinkbeil, pitching in just his second big league game, walked three consecutive batters with the bases loaded.
-Marlins pitching issued 12 walks in total, tying the franchise record.
–The Cubs also scored four runs in the ninth, though those didn’t really matter.

Continuing the theme of scoring four runs in the ninth, the White Sox tied the game with four off the Detroit bullpen.
-With first and third two out, Robbie Weinhardt hit Alex Rios on an 0-2 pitch, then threw a wild pitch to Paul Konerko, tying the game.
–After all that, you would think the Tigers would try to take a few pitches just to let the pitching staff breathe a bit. Instead, they were set down on just four pitches.

Detroit scored six runs in one inning.
-Miguel Cabrera was responsible for the first and last out.

In the 11th, Brandon Inge ended up on third base on a strikeout.

Mets pitching has allowed 12 grand slams this year.
-Mets hitting has yet to hit any. Never before has a team given up so many while hitting none of their own. (h/t friend of the blog, @msimonespn)

Troy Tulowitzki went 0-4. Coming into the day, he was hitting .371/.421/1.057/1.478 in September before today.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 09/19/10

  1. Chad says:

    Oh, Sinkbeil was only making his second major league appearance? Then that means that that thing I mentioned where the Marlins brought him in to face Roy Halladay and he threw a wild pitch before getting him for the only out he’d record was his major league debut. That shows a remarkable lack of confidence in his abilities, apparently with good reason.

    …Maybe they should try him as a starter. Hey, it worked for Fausto Carmona.

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