Daily Roundup, 10/03/10–Whereupon We Lament the Death of the Massive Tie Scenario

Cole Hamels was pulled after two no-hit innings
-The first time his spot came around, he was pulled for pinch-hitter John Mayberry.
–Mayberry hit a home run.
—Hamels was pulled for Roy Oswalt, who gave up a run in his one inning of work.
—-Joe Blanton pitched the fifth. He gave up two runs.
—–Atlanta won, clinching at least a tie for the wild card, and the Massive Tie Scenario would take effect with a Padres win

For those of you unfamiliar with this, if the Braves and Padres both won this afternoon then they (along with the Giants) would all have finished with identical records. The Padres and Giants would then play a one-game playoff for the NL West on Monday, and the loser of that would play a 164th game against Atlanta for the wild card on Tuesday. The playoffs would then start Wednesday. This was referred to as the Massive Tie Scenario, and once Atlanta won, all it would have taken was a Padres win.

Alas, the Padres lost.
-Giants pitching allowed more walks (5) than hits (4).
–All five walks were given up by starter Jonathan Sanchez.
—The Padres had just two baserunners after the fourth inning, and one of those was erased by a double play.

Right after getting shut out by Bruce Chen, Sean O’Sullivan throws 6 shutout innings against Tampa.
-Tampa scored two runs off Joakim Soria, who has been virtually untouchable this year, in the ninth to tie the game.

Ryan Rowland-Smith and his 46 strikeouts in over 100 innings struck out 3 over 5 innings.

The Mets ended their season with Oliver Perez walking in a run in the top of the 14th while only getting one out.
-Perez dropped to 0-5 despite only appearing in 17 games.
–There are four Mets pitchers to ever throw 40+ innings with an ERA of 6.50 or worse. One is Oliver Perez from 2010. Another is Oliver Perez from 2009.

Hong-Chih Kuo finished the season with a 1.20 ERA, the lowest in Dodger history (minimum 40 IP)

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