The playoffs, Day 2.

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- Tim Lincecum proved once again that playoff experience is totally super important by putting up this line tonight: 9 IP, 0 R/ER, 2 H, 1 BB, 14 K. It’s almost like being really good at baseball is more important than playoff experience… nah.
– CJ Wilson too.

- The Yankees played a playoff game in less than three hours!!!

- The Twins are 0-8 in their last eight playoff games. In every one of them, they have scored first.

- The Rays started the playoffs by going 3-for-4. They’ve had just five hits since.

- Texas’ Matt Treanor got hit by a pitch twice and walked once. In 272 PA this year, he had a .287 OBP. In his career, it’s 1118 and .311.

- In two days, the Rangers have doubled their total number of franchise postseason wins.

- Lance Berkman hit a home run in the Yankees/Twins game. His last postseason home run was in Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS, with Houston. The starter in that game? Andy Pettitte. The starter of tonight’s game for the Yankees? Andy Pettitte.

- Buster Posey stole his first career base in the Braves/Giants game… even though it was a blown call and he was actually out, yeah. (And, rather predictably, he scored the only run of the ballgame on that blown call. #robotumps)

- The Rangers and Yankees had a 2-0 series advantage before the Braves or Giants played at all.

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