The Playoffs, Day Three

No no-hitters or 14 K games today, but we were still treated to, uh, stuff.

–The Reds had FOUR errors. Four. In a postseason game. Want to know how they blew a 4-0 lead? That’s how.
—Alrodis Chapman hit Chase Utley with a 102 mph pitch, only he didn’t hit Utley as evidenced by Utley’s complete lack of any sort of organic pain. And the replay also shows the pitch missed. See Crashburn Alley for details.
—-This was the big one, taken from ESPN’s play-by-play:

“J Rollins safe at first on error by right fielder J Bruce, C Utley advanced to third on J Bruce error, J Werth advanced to second on J Bruce error, C Utley and J Werth scored, J Rollins to second on error by second baseman B Phillips.”

People I’m glad I’m not tonight: Jay Bruce.

–Bobby Cox got ejected in the second inning of the Giants/Braves game.
—The Giants also had a 4-1 lead, and then they blew it.
—-Even though Melky Cabrera was hitting fifth for the Braves.
—–The game went extras and Buster Posey came up with the bases loaded versus Kyle Farnsworth. Yes. That Kyle Farnsworth, who came in after an unfortunate injury to Billy Wagner.
——-Posey GIDP’d, because Troy Glaus lost his mind and threw to second instead of home, and then the Braves got the double play and I still don’t know how they did that.
———-First batter, top of the eleventh, Rick Ankiel hit a home run into the Cove.

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3 Responses to The Playoffs, Day Three

  1. seimiya says:

    In Kyle Farnsworth’s 714 regular season pitching appearances, he induced just 34 double plays. That’s a little less than 05%.

  2. I was all set for Billy Wags to blow the save and he had to get hurt. I have to say, though, that was a hell of a shot Ankiel hit. Bochy got away with over managing during the season because his bullpen is incredible, but today it came back to bite him.

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