It’s a YCPB World (Series) After All


Winning World Series games is hard. Winning World Series games when you’re facing Cliff Lee in AT&T Park, a pitcher’s park, is supposed to be downright impossible.

You’re not supposed to get eleven hits in a Lee-started game, let alone eleven runs. You aren’t supposed to need all of those eleven runs when Tim Lincecum is starting for your team. Cliff Lee’s not supposed to be taken out of the game after 4.2 innings, not unless he’s deathly ill or injured. Freddy Sanchez isn’t supposed to have four hits, three of them doubles off of Lee; Juan Uribe’s not supposed to hit three-run home runs, you’re not supposed to need a combined twelve pitchers…

We could go on. We could talk about Tim Lincecum’s first-inning non-play when for some reason he didn’t throw the ball to third base for an out, or about how Cliff Lee is actually an okay hitter or about the awful baserunning blunders from both teams (what is it with Ian Kinsler and getting picked off?) or about Vladimir Guerrero playing the outfield….

But we think by now you get the point.

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