Daily Roundup, 04/01/11

No April Fools’ jokes here, just our recap of the games today. Opening Day Part 2! This may be updated for the West Coast games.

- Boston’s Jon Lester didn’t strike out anyone today. The last time that happened was 2008 – April 9, 2008.
– He also gave up three home runs today. He gave up fourteen home runs all of last year.
— In the same game, Daniel Bard gave up four runs. He never gave up more than two runs at any time last year.
—- Also in this game, David Ortiz homered off a lefty. In April!

- The Blue Jays picked up where they left off last year. Opposing starter Carl Pavano had given up four runs after throwing just fifteen pitches. (Ha.) Jose Bautista hit a home run – this will never stop being YCPB – and JP Arencibia hit two.

- the Astros held the Phillies to four hits through eight innings.
– the Phillies hadn’t struck out at all, and in fact the Phillies had only swung and missed once.
— then Brandon Lyon, the Astros’ closer, came in, and gave up hits to six of the seven batters he faced, including a walk-off single to John Mayberry Jr.
—- this was the NL Central’s third save chance. They’d blown all of them.
—– Later that day, another NL Central team did have a chance to get a save, and they successfully completed that save. That team? The Pirates.

- final score of the White Sox/Indians game: 15-10. The White Sox led 14-0 at one point.
– Indians starter Fausto Carmona gave up ten runs in three innings. That’s tied for the most runs given up on Opening Day since 1919.
— The Indians struck out 14 White Sox against only two walks (and keep in mind, the White Sox scored 15 runs today). The White Sox struck out only two Indians, and walked two.

- Remember how the Mets had that freakish grand slams allowed/grand slams hit ratio last year? Yeah, they’re at it again. Mike Pelfrey gave up a grand slam to John Buck of the Marlins (in his first game as a Marlin).
- h/t @AmazinAvenue, Pedro Beato was the only Met with a positive WPA tonight

- There’s a four player difference between the Dodgers’ Opening Day lineup and their lineup tonight.

- Ubaldo Jimenez gave up five earned runs in his first seven starts, total, last year. Today he gave up five earned runs in five and 2/3 innings.
– This game was against the Diamondbacks. They went into extra innings tied, and the Diamondbacks ended up winning. THE BULLPEN’S REVENGE!

- the Orioles’ Jeremy Guthrie outdueled the Rays’ David Price. In fact, Guthrie threw 94 pitches over eight innings; the Rays had only three hits against him.
– Also, of all thirty first pitches thrown on both Opening Days, this game had the only one that was swung at; Ben Zobrist singled off Guthrie on the first inning.

- the As just scored off King Felix. In the first inning! Someone hit a homer! (Okay, it was Josh Willingham, who actually has power. Shhh.)
– Trevor Cahill has thrown 92 pitches in four innings. Against the Mariners.
— Okay, he just left the game having thrown 100+ pitches in 4.1 innings. He (and his 5.0 career K/9) struck out eight.
—- Chone Figgins hit a home run in the Coliseum. He’s now matched his home run total from last year.

- the Pirates have won five straight opening days. Keep in mind, the past four were in seasons when they went 57-105, 62-99, 67-95, and 68-94.

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