Daily Roundup, 04/04/11

Abbreviated schedule tonight, but there were some interesting happenings. Here we go:

Elvis Andrus homered.
-Andrus was the only player to accumulate 600 plate appearances and not hit any home runs in 2010.
–Also in this game, Nelson Cruz homered for the fourth time in four games.
—Cruz became just the third player ever to hit a home run in each of his team’s first four games. The others were Willie Mays (1971, 18 home runs on the season), and Mark McGwire (1998, 70 home runs on the season). Because he homered in the last game of the WS, Cruz has homered in five consecutive games (though that won’t count toward the record, which is eight).
—-Here at YCPB, we love sabermetrics. We also appreciate the Beauty of Short Hops. The two are not mutually exclusive. (h/t Lookout Landing for the gif–here’s a better angle)
—–Also in this game, Erik Bedard’s arm did not fall off.

Delmon Young made a very nice defensive play to save at least two runs.
-Jason Kubel is now 4-10 with a walk and a home run off Mariano Rivera.

The Orioles are 4-0.
-Last time they were 4-0? 1997, when they won 98 games and the AL East. That was their last playoff appearance, and their last winning season.

Three games into the season and Willie Bloomquist is still batting leadoff.
-Willie Bloomquist hit a leadoff home run. It’s career home run #14 for Bloomquist, who is in his tenth season.

Charlie Morton had a 7.57 ERA in 79.2 innings last year.
-He gave up one run on three hits over six innings, and picked up the win. He was 2-12 last year.
–Joel Hanrahan, NL Central closer, is 3-3 in saves so far.

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