Daily Roundup, 04/10/11

- Yovani Gallardo had allowed 1 ER in 20 IP last season to the Cubs. Today, he allowed 4 ER in 5 IP.
– the Brewers still won.

- Jered Weaver struck out fifteen today against the Blue Jays. Yes, he’s a strikeout pitcher, but fifteen?!!?

- the Rays are 1-8 and in those eight losses, have scored a total of 11 runs.
– the Yankees and Rangers have been shut out more than they have.

- the Red Sox hit .353 tonight, and OBPed .476, and scored four runs. (h/t @patricksull)
– Marco Scutaro was on base three four tonight. He had a .182 OBP coming into this game.
— the Yankees had a 1.96 WHIP in this Yankees/Red Sox series.
—- the Yankees got shut out tonight. In the past ten years, the Yankees have only been shut out one other time in Fenway, in 2009. It was also by Beckett, who has a career ERA against the Yankees over 5, and whose ERA against the Yankees last year was over 10.
—–Freddy Garcia made his Yankee debut in relief. The last time he appeared in relief, the opposing pitcher was Bartolo Colon.
——h/t @jmhs on Twitter, as bad as Derek Jeter has been so far, he’s still hitting better on the year than Albert Pujols.

- Since being blown out twice by the White Sox to begin the year, the Indians have won seven in a row and now lead the AL Central.
– right on their tails are the Royals, who beat the Tigers today.
— Wilson Betemit went 4-for-4 with two doubles (and a walk), and every Royals starter had at least one hit in their 9-5 win.
—- Frenchy triple
—– the Tigers made four errors, including two on wild pickoff attempts. Apparently they thought it was the 2006 World Series again. (Cheap shot alert.)

- the Padres hit three home runs.
– the Astros had sixteen hits.

- Shane Victorino was just 2-for-24 coming into today against Derek Lowe. He got three hits against him, including a home run.
– Derek Lowe has two losses despite a 1.45 ERA. Obligatory “guess he doesn’t know how to win” snark.

- the Mets’ starter Chris Young went 7 IP and only gave up one hit, and the Mets lost 7-3.
– the Nats’ Jason Marquis struck out nine in six innings? Seriously, Jason Marquis?

- in Diamondbacks/Reds, some team blew a large lead. It was not the Diamondbacks.
– Aaron Heilman got the win
— speaking of the Reds, h/t @kevin_goldstein, Dontrelle Willis’ line in Triple-A tonight: 6 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 5 K, 1 BB, 70 pitches (!!!!)

- Matt Holliday returned to the lineup. He had an appendectomy right after Opening Day. Clearly he is a maaaan, rawr.

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