We’re Not John Sterling

“Well, Suzyn, you know, you just can’t predict baseball!”– John Sterling

So sayeth the Yankees play-by-play man.

We–Bex, Rebecca (emerita), and Jordan — might be Yankee fans, but this is not a Yankee site.   No, no, this is something different.

Something greater.

No matter what they tell you over at BP or Fangraphs, no matter which great sabermetric mind you may (or may not) worship, there will be times when the Pirates beat Roy Halladay 2-1, when your team comes back from an 8-run deficit in the bottom of the ninth inning to win on a walk-off grand slam, when Mariano Rivera hits Jeff Francoeur with a pitch to force in the winning run, and when the Mariners actually score runs.

This is our shrine to those moments, where we celebrate, analyze, and, most importantly remember–it’s not whether you win or lose that matters, it’s that you play.


We may be reached at cantpredictbaseball@gmail.com, and on Twitter at @cantpredictball

5 Responses to We’re Not John Sterling

  1. Alex Hayes says:


    I got directed to this site from Baseball Musings. I’m a baseball fan living in the UK (It’s 5.01am at the moment, and I have a Uni exam at 9am…damn baseball!), but just wanted to say that your site looks incredibly interesting, I really like the idea, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.


  2. Greg says:

    Just found your site. Move over gmail, YCPB is now my new homepage.

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  4. Sydney says:

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